Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How well do you know the Round 4 challengers?

Get the lowdown dirty details on our Round 4 challengers, muahaha….

Here are some MORE fun factoids about the Round 4 challengers for the Battle of the Stitches. Let us know what you think!
Lisa Egan~Pink Snail Boutique
1. Favorite song is Little Drummer Boy
2. Favors her size G Bates crochet hook
3. Prefers cake over cookies
4. Prefers to cook vs order take out
5. Prefers popcorn over candy at the movies
6. Likes sausage, instead of bacon, with her eggs.
Sonya Blackstone~Blackstone Designs
1. Believes in conspiracies AND aliens
2. Favorite Christmas songs are Silver Bells and Jingle Bell Rock
3. One of her fave Disney Princess is Pocahontas (because of her Native American ancestry)
4. The Griffin is her favorite mythical creature
5. Prefers Pepsi over Coke
6. Her dream vacation location is Massachusetts
Rebecca Goldsmith~Desert Diamond Crochet
1. Doesn’t eat ice cream
2. Is a night owl
3. Hot chocolate is her go to drink for cold mornings (doesn’t drink coffee)
4. Prefers warm weather to cold weather
5. Favorite pizza topping is pepperoni
6. Favorite candy is Lindt truffles

Stacey Williams~Busting Stitches
1. Has never had a driver’s license
2. Prefers cotton yarn over wool
3. Favorite animal is the Jackalope
4. Favorite ice cream topping is raspberries
5. Believes in psychic abilities and spirits/hauntings
6. Likes to eat homemade condensed milk with coconut and oats
Jacqualyn Walker~The Crafty Geekette
1. Prefers rainbow colored lights on her Christmas tree
2. Likes infinity scarves (combination of scarf and cowl)
3. Is most proud of her Always Deer design
4. Favorite TV show right now: The Walking Dead
5. Her two kitties names are Erza and Pancake
6. Also enjoys painting, sewing, clay work and spinning/dyeing fibers

Donna Knox~Articles of a Domestic Goddess
1. Can drive (and I quote) ANYTHING!
2. Favors Red and Gold decorations on her Christmas tree
3. Favorite design of her own is her Meeky Mice
4. Prefers hot weather, but cold coffee
5. Favorite ice cream? Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla
6. Prefers Bates crochet hooks over Boye

Samantha Bagley~Silverdragon Crafts and Critters
1. Served 6 years in the Army as a Chemical Operations Specialist
2. Has her nose, ears and tongue pierced
3. If she was a Disney princess she’d like to be the spunky Scot, Merida
4. Loves the Charisma line of yarn at Michaels
5. Prefers glazed donuts over powdered and her popcorn with extra butter
6. Favorite line from a movie? “I’m going to bed before you get us all killed….or worse expelled” (Hermione in Harry Potter)
Sheri Jepson-Weber~The Country Willow

1. Favorite color combo is pink/green/grey
2. Favors this quote by Moby Dick’ author Herman Melville, “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”
3. Started crocheting in 2012
4. Began designing patterns in 2013
5. Also creates handmade jewelry and fabric totes/purses
6. Has 3 dogs
Christine Norris~Chris Cross Crafts
1. Least favorite color of yarn to work with? Black
2. Is addicted to Pinterest (umm, who ISN’T, lol?)
3. Took over a decade’s hiatus from knitting, and has taken it back up
4. Won multiple ribbons for items she entered into her local county fair this past summer
5. Also sews handmade dresses for girls and capes for boys
6. Dreams of having her patterns published in a book, flyer or magazine
Michelle Ferguson~Two Brothers Blankets
1. Favorite yarns are I Love This Yarn and Heartland
2. Last time she’s done a cartwheel was High School, and probably couldn’t do one now
3. Favorite pattern from another designer? Sincerely Pam’s Madison Vest
4. Passed her first driving test
5. Has two son’s (aka the two brothers in Two Brothers Blankets), Noah and Isaac
6. A fan of being in the outdoors, and college football!
Melanie Padron~3 Boys and a Ball of Yarn
1. Prefers Silver Garland on her Christmas trees instead of Tinsel/Icicles
2. Is an avid gardener
3. 4th generation crochet artisan
4. Favorite Christmas movie is Elf (which she watches year round)
5. Fall is her favorite time of the year.
6. Her Grandfather was a WWII Veteran
Kate Wagstaff~Crafting Friends Designs
1. Prefers sugar cookies (a specific homemade recipe) over candy canes
2. Would crochet, garden and eat when she wanted if she had a whole week to herself
3. Her favorite animal is the wolf
4. Has no tattoos and her only piercings are her ears (one in each)
5. Prefers wearing shoes (or at least flip flops) to going barefoot
6. Sings and plays the piano


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  1. Love learning about these amazing designers. Give you an inside of who they are. :)