Monday, January 5, 2015

Round 4 Wrap Up, Winners and eBook!!!

Wow!  What a round it was!  It was such a great experience getting to host this round.  The designers were all amazing.  The support team were all spectacular keeping you all informed.  And, the eBook...such a wonderful collection of love themed love knot patterns!  Have you picked up your copy, yet?  I just cannot say enough about it!  Fourteen gorgeous designs (some featuring more than one pattern) -- one design from each challenger, and two bonus designs from myself and co-admin Lisa Jelle -- all for just $5.95.  That's less than $0.50 per pattern!!!  Such a deal!
By featuring the love knot stitch this round, we wanted to challenge our designers, but, at the same time, remove the intimidation that is often associated with the stitch.  We wanted to show that you can create all kinds of things with this stitch and use it in multiple ways.  We have featured it being worked in rows, in the joined round, in granny square style, and as an overlay.  It's been used as a standalone stitch in some patterns and used as the focus combined with additional stitches in others.  This is a versatile stitch very much worth your very favorite yarn and hook.  The eBook includes a stitch tutorial by our very own Lisa Jelle of Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts and a link to a YouTube video that all of our challengers found very helpful.  These will help you with the basics, and the patterns that use more than just the basics have photo tutorials of their own.  If that's not enough, each pattern includes clickable links that will put you in direct contact with the designer in numerous ways.  You will not be left to figure it out on your own if you need further help.
A great big CONGRATULATIONS to our winners, Circle of Neverending Love Poncho by Sheri Weber of The Country Willow, the Fans' Favorite winner,  and With All My Love Photo Prop by our very own creator and co-admin, Kate Wagstaff of Crafting Friends Designs, the Judges Choice winner!!!!  Boy, were the judges surprised and excited to find out that it was her design that they'd chosen!  :)
Both winners will receive an amazing prize package from our sponsors.  A huge THANK YOU to Crochet by Faye, Day by Day Crochet, The Clay Sheep, The Hookeraholic Crochet, Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts, and The Silk Drop.
Below, you can see all of the Round 4 designs.  Below each photo is a link to that designer's Facebook page.  Click on over and congratulate each of them on a job well done!  Then head on over to the Battle of the Stitches website and grab your copy of the eBook so you will have all of these wonderful designs for your very own!
Continue to follow Battle of the Stitches for Round 5 beginning in March!  There will be lots of fun happening in the mean time that you won't want to miss out on!