Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Come cast your votes in the Battle of the Stitches Round 13 Crochet Challenge!


We are thrilled to bring you another round of the Battle of the Stitches!  We've changed things up a little and want to have some fun along with you so be sure to follow along and enter to win as many prizes as you can. Also, be sure to go vote for your favorite designs!

This time, instead of the designer winning some prizes, we will be offering prizes for YOU to enter to win.  Keep reading for details...

Penelope Tunic Tank... Battle of the Stitches

Spring: Battle of the Stitches Slanted Puff Stitch 
Blog hopping ist it so much fun!...if you missed the blog before this one...stop by and check it wont want to miss it..So you can get a change to win a copy of all the designs that were made using this fantastic stitch is the link before this blog

What is spring...its all about the new fun and inspiring new sense of everything that we see. It brings warmth and sun and laughter and a new sense of life... What could I make to bring that all back to you. Using the battle stitch chosen called ...the slanted puff stitch... had me thinking of something light and airy and just fun. What better way then to choose a pattern that reflected that in something my little girl would love and enjoy waring this spring. A tunic tank top ..that's it...that's what she will be perfect with some cute leggings or some fun shorts. As soon as I finished up the pattern and worked it all together, my daughter was thrilled and could not wait to try it on...She wanted to ware it that day.. of corse not all the finished touches were done yet on the tunic tank so she had to wait the next day. The next day came and she was ready for it and it was ready for her... This tunic tank is soft and fun and so easy to slip on and off and how cute are the buttons and tie waist?...perfect for any little girl to feel like she can do anything or become anything this spring with her new fun spring top.. Of to school she went and all day she said there were girls coming up to her and saying how cute her top was and how fun it would be if there mom could make one for her...or better yet they said, maybe your mom could make me one..She lit up with joy as she was the favorite that day with her perfect spring top. You will love making this Penelope tunic top and your little favorite girl will love it too. I hope you enjoyed in the sharing of making this tunic top, I would love to see your design when you have worked one up...Stop by my page on Daisy Hand Mades and share.. I would love to see and share with others too.. here is my link on my page I will have these photos posted there comment that you have checked out the other blogs and loved my pattern on Raverly for a chance to win any one pattern of mine.. 5 lucky winners will be announced !!.. you wont want to miss it 

Now on to share with you my photos of The Penelope Tunic Tank 

If this is a favorite of yours too...stop by and love it in your Raverly to show ..I hope to see you there... And go and vote for your chance to win all of these wonderful patterns

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Round 13 Challengers - Who will make 13 their lucky number?

We're back for another great round of the 

Battle of the Stitches!  

This round, we've changed things up a bit so we hope you'll stick around and have some fun with us.  You'll get your chance to vote for your favorite crochet design out from 10 different designers all using the same crochet stitch.  While we no longer will be releasing an eBook with all of the designs, each designer will be releasing them on the same day.  Be sure to follow us for your chance to win some prizes along the way!

All 10 challengers are returning Battle of the Stitches Alumni and we're excited they joined us!
First up, we have Cylinda from Crochet Memories.  Cylinda is well known for her work with thread and has such a wonderful collection of designs for the home.  You can find her work here:

Our 2nd challenger is Lisa from Kaleidoscope Art & Gifts. Lisa has a good variety of designs ranging from hats and scarves to table runners and other things for the home.  

You can find her work here:

Christine from Sweet Potato 3 Patterns is our 3rd challenger.  She has a great selection of newborn photography prop crochet patterns in her shop and a fun variety of other designs.  You can find her work here:

The 4th crochet designer joining us just celebrated her 10 year anniversary for her business and is SO close to reaching 10k Facebook fans.  Such wonderful milestones!  Kristine from Ambassador Crochet has a nice range of patterns to keep you warm from hats and scarves to afghans.  You can find her work here:

Sheri from The Country Willow Designs has joined round 13 as our 5th challenger.  She has a some adorable infant crochet patterns along with a good variety of designs for women.  Her work can be found here: 

Kate from Crafting Friends Designs rounds up our challenger count to 6.  Kate is best known for her textured afghan crochet patterns.  You can find a beautiful collection of crochet patterns for your home here:

Who do you think will be challenger #7?  You've got it!  Rebecca from Desert Diamond Crochet.  Rebecca is very well known for her character designs and you can find them all here: 

Challenger #8 is Shelley from The Blue Star Boutique.  Shelley has a wide variety of designs ranging from Infant props to women's clothing.  

You can find more of her work here:

Challenger #9 is Elizabeth from Daisy Hand Mades.  Elizabeth has a good selection of infant clothing, hats, cowls and many more designs!  You can find her work here:

Our 10th and final challenger for Round 13 is Laura from Laura Mae's Crochet.  You can find a fun selection of headbands, cup cozies, hats, bags and much much more in her shop!  You can find them all here:

Stick around for the final reveals and voting later this week!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don't miss a thing!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine's Day Roundup

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it. Spread some love with more than 35 patterns from our Battle of the Stitches alumni.

With All My Heart Photo Prop by Crafting Designs (top left) 
Sweetheart Headwrap by Blackstone Designs (top middle)
Love More Wrap by Ambassador Crochet (top right)
Love Me Tender Slouch by Daisy Hand Mades (bottom left)
Heidi Cowl by Divine Debris (middle right)
Hearts Ears Earflap Hat by Desert Diamond Crochet (bottom right)

Additional Patterns Not Shown

Let Love Grow hat by Desert Diamond Crochet
Pop Goes My Heart Hat by Sweet Potato Crochet Creations
Love But Earflap Beanie by Desert Diamond Crochet
Lil' Devil Earflap Hat by Desert Diamond Crochet
Puppy Love Earflap Hat by Desert Diamond Crochet
Valentine Gnome Hat by Desert Diamond Crochet

Afghans & Afghan Squares
Love for Emma Granny Square by Crafting Friends Designs
Heart to Heart Chevron Afghan from Crafting Friends Designs
Heartfelt Rainbow Afghan from Crafting Friends Designs
Heartbeat Chevron Afghan from Crafting Friends Designs

Accessories (Scarves, jewelry, etc.)
Heartfelt Scarf from Crafting Friends Designs
Heart Throb Scarf by Crafting Friends Designs
Heart Ring by Divine Debris
Heidi Hearts Bracelet by Divine Debris
Pop Goes my Heart Bracelet by Sweet Potato Crochet Creations
Kylie Hearts Earrings by Divine Debris
Heart Boot Cuffs by AllieCats Hats

Wearables (sweaters, ponchos, etc.)
Capulet of Love by Daisy Hand Mades
Paris Sweater (child size) by Two Brother's Blankets
Paris Sweater (adult) by Two Brother's Blankets
Puffy Heart Mittens by Blackstone Designs

For the Home (other than afghans)
Heart Nesting Basket from Blackstone Designs
Kissing Ball from Blackstone Designs
Tapestry Heart Basket from Divine Debris
Textured Heart Coasters by Crochet Memories
Lacy Candle Holder Cover by Crochet Memories

Love is in the Air Teddy Bear by Desert Diamond Crochet
Tons of Love Elephant by Blackstone Designs
Valentine's Day Treat Bags by Blackstone Designs

Each link will take you directly to the crochet pattern - some are free and some are available for purchase. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Round 12 Crochet Design Reveals - Get Ready to Vote!

The challengers have finished their projects and we're ready to show you their designs. These designers worked hard and have come up with some beautiful crochet patterns! Get ready to cast your votes!

Here are the sneak peeks again so you can see how they each turned out.

We named the stitch the Starburst stitch and gave them the theme "Celebrating Me!" 

Here are some photos of what they've created. Pick your favorites so you can be ready to vote. 











Note: If you do happen to figure out who designed a certain entry, please do not share the info.  Our challengers appreciate the votes being based off of the designs themselves and not on who designed them.  That's what makes the Battle so fun! - Thank you.

Are you ready to vote? CLICK HERE to go to the voting page.

Voting opens 1/24/17 and closes at midnight 1/28/17

Thank you to all the challengers for your wonderful crochet designs! You are what makes the Battle of the Stitches possible. Good luck to you all!
And a huge thank you to all our fans!!!  We love seeing you cheer for the challengers and appreciate your support throughout the year.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sneak Peeks - Round 12

Round 12 of Battle of the Stitches is well under way and we have some sneak peeks to show you! 

Here's a little recap of the battle so far.

The Theme: Celebrating Me!

The Stitch: Starburst 

The Challengers:  
Sheri Weber from Country Willow Designs
Rebecca Goldsmith from Desert Diamond Crochet
Shelley Moore from The Blue Star Boutique
Laura Fanelli from Laura Mae's Crochet
Dianne Hunt from Same DiNamics Crochet
Sarah Tompkins from Briar Rose Boutique
Christine Norris from Chris~Cross~Crafts
Lisa Jelle from Kaleidoscope Arts&Gifts
Kate Wagstaff from Crafting Friends Designs
Anita Moore from The Clay Sheep

10 challengers - some are new and some have been challengers before. Here is a sneak peek of the designs they're working on.

10 challengers. 12 designs. What's your favorite so far? 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Round 12 - Meet the Challengers Part 2

Battle of the Stitches round 12 has begun! Get ready for some awesome patterns from a list of great designers.

Challenger 6: Sheri Ann Weber from Country Willow Designs

Sheri's favorite design from her shop is her Rouge Infinity Scarf.

My pattern choice from her site is the Neverending Love Poncho.

Challenger 7: Laura Fanelli from Laura Mae Crochet

Laura's favorite pattern from her shop is her Sonoma Pullover Vest.

Her Venice Cowl is another great pattern (& it also comes with the earwarmer pattern).

Challenger 8: Rebecca Goldsmith from Desert Diamond Crochet

Rebecca's pattern choice from her shop is the Eva Marie Spring Tulip Cocoon.

Her Braided Scoodie Wrap is also on my list of favorites.

Challenger 9: Another first time challenger. Please give Dianne Hunt from Same DiNamics Crochet a warm welcome.

Dianne's favorite pattern is her Candy Stripes Cowl.

Also, check out her Long Tail Shawl.

Challenger 10: Christine Norris from Chris~Cross~Crafts

Christine's favorite pattern is her Sugar & Spice Dress.

Check out her beautiful Fall Romance poncho!

Do you have any ideas as to what these 10 designers are making? We'd love to hear your guesses.