Sunday, May 31, 2015

What does crochet, The Battle of the Stitches and a Healthy food have in common?

Take in the hint from the title of the post and consider the color of the logo and you may be able to guess who our next challenger is going to be.  She has been suggested as a challenger by several of our Alumni members and we're excited to see her compete!

So, what does Orange, Crochet, The Battle and a Healthy food have in common?  Well Sweet Potato 3 Patterns of course!

Christine was taught to crochet nearly 25 years ago by her Great Grandmother and has been designing and selling patterns for the last 4 years.

Her favorite color you ask?  Well,  it changes daily.  Her daughter says it's purple, but to be honest, it can switch from orange, purple and even green all in the same day!

Fresh Bread is her favorite thing to snack on - especially when it's warm and right out of the oven.

A fun fact to share: She enjoys long white water rafting trips with her family and friends in the summer.  Nothing is better than sandy beaches, good company and some wild waves for her.

What is typically going on while Christine is whipping up some fun new designs?  I think she's pretty "In" with the other challengers and has the TV on.  Mostly, the TV is for background noise, but she loves to watch HGTV.

Cross My Heart Scarf & Headband
A few of Christine's favorite designers are Melanie from 3 Boys & a Ball of Yarn, Melody from Melody's Makings and Olivia from Hopeful Honey.

Take a look at a few of My Sweet Potato 3 Patterns' designs to get an idea of what you're in for  with her work and then visit her FaceBook page and wish her luck!

Teddy Bear Bonnet & Stuffy

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  1. I am so honored and excited to compete in this round! Thank you so much for asking me to join!