Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Round 12 Crochet Design Reveals - Get Ready to Vote!

The challengers have finished their projects and we're ready to show you their designs. These designers worked hard and have come up with some beautiful crochet patterns! Get ready to cast your votes!

Here are the sneak peeks again so you can see how they each turned out.

We named the stitch the Starburst stitch and gave them the theme "Celebrating Me!" 

Here are some photos of what they've created. Pick your favorites so you can be ready to vote. 











Note: If you do happen to figure out who designed a certain entry, please do not share the info.  Our challengers appreciate the votes being based off of the designs themselves and not on who designed them.  That's what makes the Battle so fun! - Thank you.

Are you ready to vote? CLICK HERE to go to the voting page.

Voting opens 1/24/17 and closes at midnight 1/28/17

Thank you to all the challengers for your wonderful crochet designs! You are what makes the Battle of the Stitches possible. Good luck to you all!
And a huge thank you to all our fans!!!  We love seeing you cheer for the challengers and appreciate your support throughout the year.  

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