Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Battle is ON
The Designers are set
Their Hooks came out swinging
Their yarn they did get
The focus - One Stitch
The Theme - Mother's Day
Hold on to your seats!
There's more on the way...

The Guidelines:
     1. Each designer must design something new using the "Rocky Road" crochet stitch
         as the focus of their design.  They may use other stitches to make it interesting,
         but the Rocky Road must remain dominant.
     2. Designers may use their choice of yarn in order to show the stitch differently
     3.  Designs must remain secret until the Judging is final.
     4.  Designers provide a photo of their design without any logos or "tales" of who the
          designer is
     5. Designs must be finalized by March 25th.  Photos are then turned over for judging.
     6. Designs are to follow the "Mother's Day" Theme
     7.  Judges will rank designs based on the following:
            A. Overall design
            B. Use of stitch
            C. Use of color to show stitch
            D. Most creative
     8. Judging results will be given by March 29th.
     9.  All designs will be published in a special edition of 
          Too Yarn Cute Magazine which
          will be available the first week of April.
     10.  The winner of the Battle of the Stitches will receive:
            $50 gift card to Joann's (provided by Crafting Friends Designs)
            Set of Clover hooks (provided by Snappy Tots)
            6mo subscription to Too Yarn Cute Magazine (provided by Too Yarn Cute eMag)   

 Now that you know the challenge,  let's meet THE CHALLENGERS! Clicking on their photos will direct you to each of their Business FaceBook pages or individual Sites.
Rachel from The Country Hooker Designs

Ann from Glamour4You

JoAnne from GrammyJo Lids

Katy from KT and the Squid

Jennifer from Little Luvies Shop

Schere from Schere's Crafty Crochet

Jennifer from Hatch-ed With Love

Tera from Trifles N Treasures

Hope from Awe Stitch

I (Kate) will be your hostess (I'm not a twinkie or a cupcake though I'll share the sweetness of the challenge with you) throughout the Battle and we have some fun games we will be playing to help you learn more about the designers.  Join in our fun and visit each designer's page to see what you can find out about them.  You may just win some patterns while you're at it!

Kate from Crafting Friends Designs

Lisa from Loops of Love
Snappy Tots

Jennifer from Crochet by Jennifer

Stacy from Too Yarn Cute

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