Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crafting Friends Designs Battle of the Stitches Idea

  It's getting close to the reveals of our Battle of the Stitches designs!  Woo Hoo!!!
What a VERY exciting time this has been.  The Designers have all been amazing and their creativity and talent.  It has been a wonderful and positive experience.  While I would have loved to be one of the Challengers, I didn't think it would be fair since I set everything up.  I also didn't think it would be fair of me to expect them to design something with a stitch that I haven't tried myself.  So,  my solution for this was to work up a project myself and just not have it judged. 

     The theme for the Battle is Mother's Day.  The designers were asked to design something using the Rocky Road crochet stitch that they would give as a Mother's Day gift OR something that they themselves would like to receive for Mother's Day.  As many of you know,  I love to make old fashioned candy.  I enjoy cooking (when I don't have to worry about picky eaters) and learned to cook from my mom.  She is a fantastic cook!

One thing that is a necessity in the kitchen is towels.  Even better - Towels that can be hung on the stove or drawers so that they are right where you need them and not lost or in the way. I found these awesome towels that were perfect for my project. This pattern will be released along with the Battle of the Stitches designs in Too Yarn Cute Magazine the first part of April.  After that, it will be available on

Rocky Road Towel Topper
The only thing left is to get a few of these worked up for her, a basket and fill it with goodies.  Here are some ideas that I have in mind.  A Cookbook, some new kitchen gadgets, treat and a recipe.
Something fun and easy to personalize are these Recipe Card holders that I created a few years back.
Fall Recipe Card Holder

For this project, you will need a small jar with a lid.  I used baby food jars since I had tons at the time.  I glued some fabric around the jar an then glued the fences on.  This seemed to help them stay better than just gluing the fence directly onto the glass jar. 
I drilled a hole in the center of the lid and then painted it.  Once it dried, I cut a small dowl to the size I needed, put a cement in the bottom of the jar to keep the dowl in place and let it dry. 
Then the fun begins!  I added various decorations and created "themes" to go with the kitchen decor of the people I planned to give them to.
Daisy Recipe Card Holder

Cowboy Recipe Card Holder

Red Berry Recipe Card Holder

Lady Bug Recipe Card Holder
Garden Recipe Card Holder
Beach Time Recipe Card Holder

Have some fun with it and brighten someones day!

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