Monday, January 11, 2016

January 2016 CAL using the Crochet Stitch from Round 8 of the Battle of the Stitches

Welcome to our first Battle of the Stitches CAL!  We are excited to invite you to work on a project along with all of our Round 8 Battle of the Stitches challengers.  We will be using the stitch that is being worked right now by 12 fantastic challengers.
This is a great way to learn a new stitch and then have a fun variety of projects to work up using this stitch when you're finished.

This Crochet-A-Long will be held for 9 days Beginning January 15th.  We will post 1 row of instructions each day so it will be easy to keep up.

You get to choose your project!
~Table Runner


You choose the size that you want to work. 
What you will need:
YARN!!! The great part about this is that YOU get to choose any 4ww yarn you prefer for this project and desired hook.
I am using Deborah Norville Everyday yarn and a size K hook for my project.

This is a VERY textured stitch and will look great in a single color or many.  Color changes will look best every 4 rows.
So take a few days to go through your yarn stash, decide which project you're going to work and find the perfect colors to start!
We'll be back on the 15th with the first set of instructions and hope to see you here!

CAL has begun and is available here:


  1. sounds so exciting!! i do wish i had any kind of stash to be able to participate :( maybe another time, but i will save all the posts to do in the future if that is allowed!! :)

  2. This will be totally fun and awesome.

  3. Is there a way to have updates sent to my email?

    1. Unless I create a separate post for each row, it won't send out updates. I will be posting a new row each day for 9 days though and we will post the link on our Facebook page so everyone knows it's ready.