Monday, January 25, 2016

Round 8 Final Reveals and Voting!

I can't believe we're already wrapping up round EIGHT! It seems like this round just started and now here we are, ready to cast our votes!

It's been a round full of fun and excitement and maybe even some tears (one challenger almost couldn't get her hands on more of the yarn she had been working with). 

We are very impressed with what they all did with this stitch. It was already pretty, but they made it gorgeous! They all did an amazing job encompassing the theme "Wrapped in Warmth".

Let's take a look at what they have done and then you can head over and vote on your favorites. 






Are you ready to vote? CLICK HERE to go to the voting page.
Voting opens 1/26/16 and closes at midnight 1/30/16

Thank you to all of the challengers who made this round possible! You did wonderful with these designs! Good luck to you all!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Beautiful job ladies!! These designs are Fantastic!!!

  2. So hard to choose just 3, they are all wonderful.

  3. That was such a hard choice to make as they are all AWESOME. Well done to all of the designers you all have such amazing design's

  4. They all did such a fabulous job!

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  6. Beautiful work! So hard to choose just three. I wanted to choose all of them! Congrats contestants!

  7. Beautiful work! So hard to choose just three. I wanted to vote for all of them. Congrats contestants!

  8. All of them are beautiful! Very hard decision