Saturday, April 30, 2016

And the Winners for Round 9 are.....

Are you ready to see how designed each project in the Round 9 Challenge of the Battle of the Stitches?

At the beginning of April, we asked 10 crochet designers to design something fun based on the "Garden of Life" theme and using the Trellis Waves crochet stitch.  Each of them brought out a personal take on the theme and did a great job with the stitch!

Take a look at the first 8 designs, find out who won our Fan's vote and Judge's vote to take home a prize and then check out a fun surprise from our admin.  

First up is Creative Threads by Leah
My design has both literal and figurative significance to me. I decided to do pot cozies because plants definitely say garden to me, but also, my friends are like flowers in my life. They are the bright spots. Varied and life giving, both beautiful and sustaining. The garden of my life!

Second, we have AllieCat's Hats and Crafts
To me, nothing says "Garden of Life," quite like nutritious and deliciously fresh vegetables, so I thought a market bag would be a perfect fit for the theme! I chose my colors with a pretty purple flower garden in mind!

Our 3rd design comes from Hatched With Love
When I think of "Garden of Life" I think of life itself. Wrapping a new life or wrapping one that has lived a long life. Life is a precious garden that you sometimes need to sit back and reflect. 

Number 4 is brought to you by Two Brothers Blankets
For me, my "Garden of Life" is my faith. My entire life is centered around my faith and it is the central place I go for peace, calm, and guidance. The Serenity Blanket is representative of that peace, calm, and guidance that I receive when I spend my time in prayer and growth. The Serenity Blanket is perfect to take out to a serene place and spend time alone, whether in prayer like myself, or just relaxing in a beautiful place! 

Up next is the creation from Briar Rose Boutique
The reason my item means garden of life is because to me Garden of life means spring time. And in the spring it is usually chilly. 

The Blue Star Boutique brings you our 6th design
When I think of strolling through a garden, I picture all of the green plants and blossoming flowers, and I just think of all the new life it represents. Sometimes you need just a little cover for the cool garden breeze, so I designed this lovely light weight cardigan. The way the lapels hang when pinned or tied closed in the front makes me think of the wings of the beautiful butterflies fluttering around all the plant life!

Em's Corner is up with her design
I chose bright colors that reminded me of flowers and alternated them with gray, which reminded me of soil.

And # 8 is from Blackstone Designs
Nothing says "Garden of Life" more than a garden that literally gives you life! I love fresh fruits and vegetables and I love supporting local farmers, so why not shop in style? Plus, it would be a handy bag to collect foods from your own garden in. 

Now for the Drum Roll please....

Congratulations to our 2 new winners!!!  This is the first Battle of the Stitches challenge for each of them and they did a great job! 

Our 1st winner was chosen by YOU, our fans.  Thanks to everyone who voted and Way to go Laura Mae's Crochet!   

Garden of Life, for me, is a place where you are comfortable and free to be creative. I decided to design this tank top because I love being able to wear my creativity, being comfortable in my own skin, and enjoying the "garden of life."

Our 2nd winner was chosen by a panel of judges based on 4 categories: Best fit for the theme, Best use of color to show the stitch, Best overall and most creative.
Congratulations to   Yarn Medley's from the Heart
My design was inspired by a quote and the colors by a the flower garden photo.

The name is inspired by the fourth garden in the Bible, the Paradise of God. After coming full circle, we enter the garden of paradise where there are no more tears and beauty everywhere. The colors of my design remind me of the flowers in the garden, and each spring, new flowers come, bringing more life and beauty to the world.

As always, you get the added bonus of designs from our 4 Battle of the Stitches admin for this round. They design along with the challengers using the same stitch and their patterns will also be included in the ebook.  

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We will be releasing the Round 9 ebook tomorrow with the crochet patterns from ALL 14 designers and we'll be giving a copy away too.  Plus, we are nearing a milestone worth celebrating and will be hosting some giveaways for YOU, our amazing fans!!!  

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