Sunday, July 3, 2016

A new Battle Round with a new Battle team

Hi everyone.  Kate here from Crafting Friends Designs and founder of the Battle of the Stitches.  I'm thrilled to see you again!  With the start of a new quarter, it's time to start another round of the Battle.  It's crazy that we are already on Round 10!  It has been a fun couple of years and a great adventure meeting new crochet designers and getting to know each of them.  

Each round, I have 3 other designers join me as admins for the Battle.  The challenge wouldn't run as smooth as it does without their help and I sincerely appreciate them! Along with helping behind scenes, each of us design something fun for the ebook along side the challengers.  We couldn't ask them to design with a new stitch and theme if we're not willing to do so with them - right?   This round, we have chosen a fun stitch for fall and we hope that you will follow along with all 12 challengers and cheer them on.  It's sure to be another fantastic ebook full of 16 amazing crochet designs using the same stitch.

This round, I'm pleased to welcome Stacy back from Too Yarn Cute to help us with the eBook.  All of our eBooks can be found on Ravelry to make it easy for you to save them to your library when purchased. Stacy will make sure all the crochet patterns are set up well for you to follow and add several links to each designer to make it easy to follow them on various social sites or contact them directly if needed.  

Leah from Creative Threads by Leah has jumped into the role of  
Facebook page Admin.  
She has a wonderful group of women who help her share some wonderful things on our page that you're sure to enjoy.  Thanks to Pamela Emerson, Patricia Mannarino, Darcy Johnson, Nondas Hensley, Carol Rupprecht, Cecilia Edwards,  and Laura Fanelli for working with us on Facebook and 
Hollie Bobo for helping out on Pinterest!  They are awesome and we hope that you will join them each day and interact with them!  They love hearing all of your comments and seeing photos of things you have crocheted using patterns designed during the Battle.

Stacey from Busting Stitches will be joining us here on the blog.  This week, she will be announcing our 12 challengers for Round 10 and sharing a few of their designs with you.  She's the lucky one who gets to show you the sneak peeks of each design in a couple of weeks and will announce our winner at the end of July.  Be sure to follow us here on the blog or on Facebook so you don't miss your chance to vote for your favorite crochet design this round!

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