Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2 More challengers are returning to Round 4 of the Battle of the Stitches. Who will it Be?

Crochet competition Battle of the Stitches @BattleStitches

Entering our stadium for Battle Round #4....  

Let's hear it for Rebecca from Desert Diamond crochet!!!  
Rebecca is well known for her amazing Character hats, but she's ready to keep you guessing as she decides on something unique to design for this round.  In round 3, she designed the beautiful Braided Scoodie Wrap!

Hello!  My name is Rebecca and I am the owner of Desert Diamond Crochet.  It appears that my specialty is 3D hats.  I have designed many of them!  All my designs typically come from a customer requesting a particular item.  Very few designs are written without customer input.  Though hats seem to be the largest thing I sell, I actually prefer making stuffed animals!  I have designed 3 stuffed animals thus far and would love to make more. As we all know, stuffed animals are very time consuming to make let alone design so it is a very slow process for me to add stuffies to my design collection.  My immediate family live in remote interior Alaska.  So remote, they only get mail 3 times a week by bush plane if the plane flies that day.  I am trying to purchase 20 acres that sit adjacent to them and in a couple years may end up moving there to join them.  That will be interesting to say the least!
 Be sure to follow her on various social sites to keep up with the amazing designs she has in store. 

Our 4th returning challenger is none other than the sweet Miss Stacey from Busting Stitches!  It's going to be hard to top her Round 3 design of the Winter Princess Dress & Hat!  Stacey is known as Unfuzzy Boutique on Ravelry and has a wide variety of designs in her shop.  Her hooks are hopping and yarn's a rolling as she gets ready to face off against 11 other designers this round.  What in the world is she going to design???

Hello from Arkansas. My name is Stacey and I am the owner of Busting Stitches LLC.  I am a stay at home Army wife and mother. We have 5 children. Our youngest (Baby Yumyums) is 7 months old.  I have been knitting and crocheting for 3 years.  I also spin and dye yarn.   My main goal when making items is to have the least amount of sewing as possible. I am always spending time with my family or crafting something. The kids keep me so busy that I rarely have time to post new patterns. 

 You can keep up with Busting Stitches
on these social sites:Website
 Well,  what do you think so far?   Only 2 more returning challengers and then we get to start announcing the new challengers.  This is so exciting!!!  Who do you think they will be?

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