Thursday, September 17, 2015

BOS Round 7 Sneak Peeks and 10 fun Fall Scarf Crochet Patterns to check out while you're waiting

The Battle of the Stitches Round 7 is well under way and we're excited to share some of the details with you.  
BOS Round 7 Theme "Fall Into Winter"
Photo used with permission of Shana L Rowe.  (c)


This round, the theme is "Fall Into Winter".  Each designer is required to work their design around this theme.  They can create something fantastic for fall, wonderful for winter or they can combine both seasons and create something that is "Falling into winter".  In the end, there will be an amazing collection of patterns to get you through both seasons!


Just in case you've missed who our challengers are this round, here's the list with links to check them all out.

Heidi  ~ Snappy Tots
Rebecca ~ Desert Diamond Crochet
Stacy ~ Too Yarn Cute Crochet
Christine ~ Chris Cross Crafts
Lacy Lady ~ Misty Makes

Sneak Peeks:

All 12 Crochet Designers have been hard at work this past week! They have been hookin' and Froggin' and racking their creative minds to try to come up with something all of you will love and that they can be proud of.  The Sneak Peeks will give you a glimps at the colors they chose and possible directions their designs may be worked.  Go ahead and write down what you think each one will end up being.  It's fun to compare your thoughts now with the final results at the end of the month.  

Wowzers!  What do you think?  So many fun colors and hints at the little extra's they're adding. Looking good ladies!
While we wait for the final reveals to come, let's check out some other fun Fall/Winter crochet patterns to keep us busy.

 Free Ribbon Candy Scarf Crochet Pattern by Crafting Friends Designs
**FREE** Ribbon Candy Scarf fromCrafting Friends Designs

 Swirling Leaves Skinny Scarf crochet pattern by Creative Threads by Leah
Swirling Leaves Skinny Scarf from Creative Threads by Leah
 Snowman Sampler Scarf crochet pattern by Snappy Tots
Snowman Sampler Scarf from Snappy Tots

 Retro Ripples Infinity Cowl / Scarf crochet pattern from Glamour4You
Retro Ripples Infinity Cowl-Scarf by Glamour4You
 Loves Me Loves Me Knot Scarf crochet pattern from Kaleidoscope Art & Gifts
Loves Me Loves Me Knot Scarf from Kaleidoscope Art & Gifts

 Cross My Heart Scarf & Headband crochet pattern from Sweet Potato 3 Patterns
Cross My Heart Scarf & Headband from Sweet Potato 3 Patterns

 Running Wheels Scarf crochet pattern from KT and the Squid
Running Wheels Scarf from KT and the Squid

 SOMO Skinny Scarf crochet pattern from The Hookeraholic Crochet
SOMO Skinny Scarf from The Hookeraholic Crochet
 Izzy Unisex Scarf crochet pattern from Blackstone Designs
Izzy Unisex Scarf from Blackstone Designs

 10 Wonderful Scarf Crochet Patterns from The Battle of the Stitches

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