Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Round 7...Guess who?! Final reveals

Today we introduce our last 5 contestants...that's right, 5! We had another amazing designer join the battle to make it an even 12 (we like even numbers!!)

3 of the 5 are returning challengers which means we have TWO NEW DESIGNERS joining us this round! This is going to be so much fun!

Returning for her 3rd round is Heidi Yates from Snappy Tots.

Heidi's first battle was round 2, where she designed the adorable Battle Bird Hooded Owl Towel and Blanket!

She came back for round 5, where she designed the fun Free Spirit Trio (Vest, Belt, & Headband)
Next up is Michelle Ferguson from Two Brothers Blankets back for her 2nd round.

Michelle's first challenge was round 4, where she designed the beautiful Wrapped in Love Shrug & Earwarmer. coming back for a second battle is Christine Naugle from Sweet Potato 3 Patterns.

Christine first joined us last round, where she designed the totally trendy Serenity Yoga & Beach Tote.
So that's it for the returning challengers...10 awesomely talented ladies that we are so happy to have back!

In case you missed it you can find the first 3 challenger reveals HERE
And the next 4 challengers HERE

But that's not all! Introducing the 2 NEW challengers:

First up we have Stacy Rhoads from Too Yarn Cute.

Stacy has some wonderful designs in her shop! One of my favorites is the Crocheted Organizer Bag.

Last up we have Cylinda Mathews of Crochet Memories.

Cylinda's designs are a variety of fun! My favorite is her Casting a Spell Witch Casserole Cover.

We are over the moon to have these two ladies joining us. We just know they are going to bring us some great designs and we can't wait to see them!

Stop back tomorrow to find out who we have for judges this round!

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