Thursday, September 3, 2015

Round 7 Judges

Reveals wouldn't be complete if we didn't tell you about the amazing talent sitting at the judges table (their own tables...separately...or maybe they're on couches...hmmm)

We have Jennifer Dougherty from Crochet by Jennifer. She has been with us since the beginning!

We have Ann Williams from Glamour4You. She has been with us since round 2!

We have Katy Petersen from KT and the Squid. She is back for her 3rd time, first judging in round 3 and then again in round 6.

We have Celina Lane from Simply Collectible back for her 2nd time, first judging last round.

And we have Melody Rodgers from Melody's Makings here for the first time!

We truly appreciation them taking the time to give us their votes on what we know will be another tough round to decide on!

What do you think of this judge's panel? Let us know in the comments!

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