Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Round 11 - Meet the Challengers Part Three

Read about the last four challengers for Round 11. 

If you missed the other reveals you can read
Part One of Meet the Challengers HERE and
Part Two of Meet the Challengers HERE.

Challenger #10: Rebecca Goldsmith from Desert Diamond Crochet 

Rebecca's favorite design from her shop is: Eva Marie Spring Tulip Baby Cocoon

Our pick from her shop: Bobcat Hat

Fun Facts: Besides being a crochet designer, Rebecca is a Cyber Security Analyst and she also buys and sells graded coins. (I love coins too, Rebecca!)

Challenger #11: Emily Truman from Em's Corner

Emily's favorite design from her shop: Chroma Shawl

Our pick from her shop: Geometric Adult Coloring Book Tote

Fun Facts: Emily had a baby in 15 minutes...just 15 minutes of labor!! (Say what???!!) -- She also dreams of living in Alaska. (I've always wanted to visit!)

Challenger #12: Kristine Mullen from Ambassador Crochet

Kristine's favorite pattern from her shop: Gray Skies Gradient Shawl

Our pick from her shop: Vintage Garden Bloom

Fun Facts: Kristine is a homeschooling Mom of 6! And they live on a lake all year long (How fun?!)

Challenger #13: Dorianna Rivelli from The Lavender Chair

Dorianna's favorite design from her shop is: Vintage Rounded Yoke Dress

Our pick from her shop: Cascading Dahlia Mandala Square

Fun Fact: Dorianna's other hobby is singing! (Mine too, but probably best kept to myself! Ha!)


And that wraps up our challenger reviews!

Comment below if you learned something new about these designers today. Do you have something in common with them? We'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for popping in to learn more about our awesome challengers! 

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