Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Penelope Tunic Tank... Battle of the Stitches

Spring: Battle of the Stitches Slanted Puff Stitch 
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What is spring...its all about the new fun and inspiring new sense of everything that we see. It brings warmth and sun and laughter and a new sense of life... What could I make to bring that all back to you. Using the battle stitch chosen called ...the slanted puff stitch... had me thinking of something light and airy and just fun. What better way then to choose a pattern that reflected that in something my little girl would love and enjoy waring this spring. A tunic tank top ..that's it...that's what she will be perfect with some cute leggings or some fun shorts. As soon as I finished up the pattern and worked it all together, my daughter was thrilled and could not wait to try it on...She wanted to ware it that day.. of corse not all the finished touches were done yet on the tunic tank so she had to wait the next day. The next day came and she was ready for it and it was ready for her... This tunic tank is soft and fun and so easy to slip on and off and how cute are the buttons and tie waist?...perfect for any little girl to feel like she can do anything or become anything this spring with her new fun spring top.. Of to school she went and all day she said there were girls coming up to her and saying how cute her top was and how fun it would be if there mom could make one for her...or better yet they said, maybe your mom could make me one..She lit up with joy as she was the favorite that day with her perfect spring top. You will love making this Penelope tunic top and your little favorite girl will love it too. I hope you enjoyed in the sharing of making this tunic top, I would love to see your design when you have worked one up...Stop by my page on Daisy Hand Mades and share.. I would love to see and share with others too.. here is my link on my page I will have these photos posted there comment that you have checked out the other blogs and loved my pattern on Raverly for a chance to win any one pattern of mine.. 5 lucky winners will be announced !!.. you wont want to miss it 

Now on to share with you my photos of The Penelope Tunic Tank 

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  1. Cute entry, GOOD LUCK, and thank you for participating!