Monday, March 20, 2017

Round 13 Challengers - Who will make 13 their lucky number?

We're back for another great round of the 

Battle of the Stitches!  

This round, we've changed things up a bit so we hope you'll stick around and have some fun with us.  You'll get your chance to vote for your favorite crochet design out from 10 different designers all using the same crochet stitch.  While we no longer will be releasing an eBook with all of the designs, each designer will be releasing them on the same day.  Be sure to follow us for your chance to win some prizes along the way!

All 10 challengers are returning Battle of the Stitches Alumni and we're excited they joined us!
First up, we have Cylinda from Crochet Memories.  Cylinda is well known for her work with thread and has such a wonderful collection of designs for the home.  You can find her work here:

Our 2nd challenger is Lisa from Kaleidoscope Art & Gifts. Lisa has a good variety of designs ranging from hats and scarves to table runners and other things for the home.  

You can find her work here:

Christine from Sweet Potato 3 Patterns is our 3rd challenger.  She has a great selection of newborn photography prop crochet patterns in her shop and a fun variety of other designs.  You can find her work here:

The 4th crochet designer joining us just celebrated her 10 year anniversary for her business and is SO close to reaching 10k Facebook fans.  Such wonderful milestones!  Kristine from Ambassador Crochet has a nice range of patterns to keep you warm from hats and scarves to afghans.  You can find her work here:

Sheri from The Country Willow Designs has joined round 13 as our 5th challenger.  She has a some adorable infant crochet patterns along with a good variety of designs for women.  Her work can be found here: 

Kate from Crafting Friends Designs rounds up our challenger count to 6.  Kate is best known for her textured afghan crochet patterns.  You can find a beautiful collection of crochet patterns for your home here:

Who do you think will be challenger #7?  You've got it!  Rebecca from Desert Diamond Crochet.  Rebecca is very well known for her character designs and you can find them all here: 

Challenger #8 is Shelley from The Blue Star Boutique.  Shelley has a wide variety of designs ranging from Infant props to women's clothing.  

You can find more of her work here:

Challenger #9 is Elizabeth from Daisy Hand Mades.  Elizabeth has a good selection of infant clothing, hats, cowls and many more designs!  You can find her work here:

Our 10th and final challenger for Round 13 is Laura from Laura Mae's Crochet.  You can find a fun selection of headbands, cup cozies, hats, bags and much much more in her shop!  You can find them all here:

Stick around for the final reveals and voting later this week!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook so you don't miss a thing!!!

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