Friday, June 5, 2015

Challenger #11 in Round 6 of the Battle is another Alumni...who will it be? 
The 11th challenger to join Round 6 of the Battle of the Stitches has been in the previous 3 rounds and has a lot up her sleeve this year with her business. We can't wait to see what she brings this round!

She's busted out her hooks and the stitches are rolling!  Welcome back Stacey from   Busting Stitches.  You're probably familiar with her work by now and Maybe you know a little about the "Behind the scenes" Stacey, but we're going to share a little "Just in case".

Stacey has been crocheting for 3 1/2 years and designing for 3 of them.
Her favorite color is Raspberry

Cheesecake is her snack of choice                      

Fun fact: Did you know that she has 11 brothers and sisters? ~she thinks ;)
You know we all multitask, it's part of being a crocheter!  So what do you think Stacey is up to while she's designing all her fun crochet patterns? She's usually chatting with friends

And we asked her if she had a favorite designer and this was what she had to say:
"I don't really have a favorite designer.  I like a bunch of different designers for different reasons.  There are a lot of patterns by Mary Jane Hall that I really like."

Yeah!!!  It's so nice to get to know her a little better each round.  Be sure to watch her FaceBook page for a LOT of  Free crochet patterns this year and also to cheer her on.

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