Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Back for a third round... Your Round 3 Fan's Favorite Winner!

She's been a winner before and she's back for a 3rd round.  Do you think she'll amaze us again and win?

Welcome Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs back for her third round of Battle of the Stitches!  Sonya challenged and won Fan's Favorite Design in Round 3 and returned to challenge in Round 4 last year.  We are thrilled that she is joining us, again!

Sonya's Round 3 Design - Fan's Favorite Winner!!!!

Sonya's Round 4 Design

1.  How long have you been  crocheting and how long designing?  I've been crocheting for 15 years and designing for 3.

2.  What's your favorite color?  Purple; any shade of purple makes my heart smile.  I'm also a huge fan of red.

Gracie Lace Tank
3.  What's your favorite snack?  Anything cheese flavored...or just cheese...mmmm.

4.  What is one fun fact about you?  I LOVE cheesy puns!  Maybe it's just my cheese addiction... ;)

5.  What do you usually do when crocheting?  Mostly I watch TV, though recently, I've been trying o listen to music more often because I find I am munch more productive that way!  I have tried to crochet at sporting events, but I'm the total soccer mom and I get too into the game to pay attention to my project.

6.  Who I your favorite designer, or what designer do you admire the most?  I don't think I have a favorite.  I just love and admire anyone who can come up beautiful and original crochet pieces.  A few designers I can take my eyes off of would be Doris Chan, Dora Ohrenstein, Jennifer Pionk, and Pam Dajczak.  This list barely skims the surface, honestly.

Previous Battle Designs:
Round 3: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/chilly-cables-coatigan---child
Round 4: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lovely-lace-sweater

Gracie Lace Tank:

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