Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ready or not, Here is our final Challenger announcement for Round 6 of the Battle of the Stitches.

http://www.battleofthestitches.comThe Battle of the Stitches Round 6 is set with announcing our 12th and final competing challenger.  A dozen wonderfully talented crochet designers 1 stitch and 1 theme for each of them to create around.  Which of our Alumni do you think has jumped back in the ring?

 By definition, she's a small amount of something that's valuable....
 join us in welcoming back Tera from Trifles N Treasures!

 39 years is the amount of time that Tera has been crocheting and she's been selling her own designs for about the last 5 years.

Anyone want to take a stab at what her favorite color is?  If you follow her blog, you're sure to know!  She'll be sporting it proudly throughout the challenge as Blue is her logo and Favorite color.

Ice cream is her favorite snack  and she says she's not fun, but she sure is a smart-Alec! wonder what life is like at her house while she's designing?  What's going on around her? Well, we asked and this is what she says "I yell at kids while I'm crocheting ;)  and watch Criminal Minds or Harry Potter" (we've seen her post fun things with the kids, so keep in mind that she's a smart-alec)

And finally, her favorite crochet designer is Sandy from Sandy's Cape Cod Originals.
Tera has been with us since the beginning and designed the Rockin Wristers using the Rocky Road crochet stitch for Round 1

She had some Fun in the Sun with her own son during Round 2 by designing the Tunnel of Fun using the Triangle Stitch.

And something she's proud of from her shop is her Owl collection!
 Her Blue owl tote has been a hit in the crochet community for quite a while and she's made a great collection out of the style!
Be sure to jump on over and wish her luck and make sure you're following so you can see what else she's up to.

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