Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's time for Who Done It and Who Won It in Round 6 of the Battle of the Stitches

Once again, we want to give a big shout out to all of you , our fans, for supporting The Battle of the Stitches crochet challenge and each of the designers involved!  We've enjoyed your guesses in the various games the designers hosted and appreciate all the shares and votes to help make this challenge a success.

We're excited to finally share with you who designed each project AND who won!  Thank you to each of our challengers for all of their hard work!  It was fun to get to know and work with everyone.  

Thank you to each of our sponsors!
Day by Day Crochet, The Clay Sheep and The Silk Drop have been great supporters and we hope that you will follow and support them along with us.

And Thank You to each of our judges!  This was not an easy task for them this round (It seems like each round gets harder!)
Heidi from Snappy Tots
Jennifer from Crochet by Jennifer
Katy from KT and the Squid
Ann from Glamour4You
Celina from Simply Collectible Crochet

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for!!!!
Who Done It?  

 See how many you guessed right when matching the Designer with the Design during the challenge.  When you've made it through this post, we hope you'll take a moment to give each designer a thumbs up on their FaceBook pages for their hard work and congratulate the winners.










Sooo,   Who won it?

Congratulations to Wendy from The Hooked Haberdasher for winning the Fan vote and to Kati from KatiDCreations for winning the Judges' vote!
Both are wonderful crochet designs and deserve the award. 


And here is the fun collection of crochet goodies that each will receive.

 Woo Hoo!!!  Wasn't that fun??!! Keep your eyes out for the eBook to be released on The Battle of the Stitches.com tomorrow so you can find your Serenity along with us.

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